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The Tiny Pink Pig Army

of 144 Rightous Pigs

Tiny Pink Pig Army of 144 Rightous Pigs
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This is the Tiny Pink Pig Army of 144 Rightous Pigs. They have an agenda and they have propaganda. They are art they are not art. They are plastic and they are food.

This is also a internet meme and a work in progress. The Pigs are for you! If you need to say something say it with pork, they can arrive in droves where needed missives in hoof, ready to inform or be informed and always in a fine and porky shape.

You can obtain your very own army of 144 Rightous Pigs at... and I do not work for these people BTW, they just happen to be the people that invented such lovely tiny plastic creatures

Archie McPhee - http://www.mcphee.com/amusements/current/09352.html is the link directly to the porky goodness!