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Where you learn a little more about Piggies! - The Tiny Pink Pig Army [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Tiny Pink Pig Army of 144 Rightous Pigs

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Where you learn a little more about Piggies! [Oct. 1st, 2004|11:57 am]
Tiny Pink Pig Army of 144 Rightous Pigs


[Current Mood |cheerfulcheerful]

While exploring the endless highways of the great spam in the sky I happened upon a former catch. One tagged and brought from the wild only to be returned for calling the night at 12:15 on New Years Eve. Feeling that the proper time had passed for him to adapt to his new digs I was ready to recruit him for the resistance. I informed him of the bald state of the head and assured him of its powers. When he quickly stated he wanted to lick the head I knew we had won an allie in the war. Using all of the vast powers at our disposal ( so is that the black hole in the kitchen sink? where the vast powers gather ) I typed .. o hell you are gonna go blind with this one the huge aim chat that follows that I just know you want to preuse ...o and I blatently used your creative charms to wile him to the chaotic side... your propaganda and cast of characters is a invaulable asset in our good fight. Be it mangled so by the processes of my own memory.

the end result was the creation of p3 super agent of the PinkPigArmy.... this man has made a promise to assemble and mass the troops for us at his own expense, in short he has agreed to back the cause. Upon his return from the mystical shores of New Jersey we shall procure in utter secrecy the 1000 Pigs.

secret pig cloning plant----


we shall require at least 7 units and no more than 10

p3 is willing and in agreement that Fall Fling shall know the kiss of the pig, he also requests enough troops to overpower his corporate office and I have a plan to invade City Hall.

We shall arm ourselves with the Pink Pig Flying Catapult Gun....I have made arrangements with a dealer in such rairites to supply us one and all.


I go long now and must rest before the next round of planning begins.

for teaching purposes the edited text of his recruitment to the cause

dear Goddess I broke down and put in a LJ cut here...

PigPimp: heya
Daonnan23: hey hey
PigPimp: what ya doin?
PigPimp: SECHS
PigPimp: lol
Daonnan23: sechs?
PigPimp: what are you doing?
PigPimp: I'm bored at work
Daonnan23: being silly
PigPimp: being silly how?
PigPimp: I made a really pretty auction... these faghs need to buy my stuff http://forums.station.sony.com/swg/board/message?board.id=ahazi_trade&message.id=179027
Daonnan23: well I am posting on Bunny Defenders
PigPimp: lol
PigPimp: look at how pretty my post is
Daonnan23: http://home.bellsouth.net/p/s/community.dll?ep=16&groupid=164359&ck=
Daonnan23: I am also stirring up shit on LJ
PigPimp: lol
PigPimp: I like the bunny with the pancake on his head
Daonnan23: yes yes me too
Daonnan23: the message board is the best
PigPimp: image stolen!!
Daonnan23: I was defiling it
Daonnan23: she worships the bunny
PigPimp: where are you posting?
PigPimp: and what is your name in there?
PigPimp: found ya
Daonnan23: http://www.livejournal.com/community/fruits/1515194.html
Daonnan23: she is a silly lying girl lori busted to me in her LJ
PigPimp: lol
Daonnan23: http://www.livejournal.com/users/lorigami/866988.html
Daonnan23: hehe
Daonnan23: it was not too hard to find the exact thing she claims to be making
PigPimp: yeah lol
PigPimp: omg these people need to get a fucking life
Daonnan23: jebes yes
PigPimp: read my auction!
PigPimp: make me feel good
PigPimp: say nice things!
Daonnan23: I am Stan, for Satan is too hard to say, HAIL ME LIKE A TAXI!
PigPimp: haha
Daonnan23: my friend ginger is pricessless
Daonnan23: she has too bunny puppets named Stan
Daonnan23: they are too lazy to be Satan
Daonnan23: two
PigPimp: lol
Daonnan23: there are 2 Stans
Daonnan23: both lazy
Daonnan23: there is also Ugly Pig
PigPimp: she has a pig?
PigPimp: I want a pig!!!
PigPimp: that would FREAK out my neighbors too
PigPimp: omg pig
Daonnan23: he is a strange little squashed pig puppet with ugly bulging eyes and battered black fairy wings
Daonnan23: he enjoys flying upside down and masterbating with a cheese grater
PigPimp: lol
Daonnan23: he causes chaos
Daonnan23: I am going to PIG the next festival I go to
Daonnan23: I have been attending pagan festivals BTW
PigPimp: eek
Daonnan23: yes yes I am a fucking freak sue me
Daonnan23: they are fun
PigPimp: those people scare me
PigPimp: damn hippies
PigPimp: hehe
PigPimp: I've been to a few myself actually
Daonnan23: OMG no no
Daonnan23: Ginger and I well we scare them
Daonnan23: its very very funny
PigPimp: pictures are a must
Daonnan23: you should have seen our chaos fairy selves tramping around the main night
Daonnan23: so ANYWAY
Daonnan23: I am gonna PIG the next festival
PigPimp: I gues you didn't want icecream the other day =/
PigPimp: what is "PIG"
Daonnan23: I can get tiny pink plastic pigs for 10 cents
Daonnan23: tiny
Daonnan23: very tiny like a centimeter
PigPimp: haha
PigPimp: this is already funny
Daonnan23: I am going to go in the dark of the night and place a PINK PIG IN A PLASTIC BAGGIE at each and every tent
Daonnan23: and then we are going to leave
Daonnan23: lit like this
Daonnan23: The pig is the pig
Daonnan23: The pig is what it is not
Daonnan23: The pig is not a member of any secret order
Daonnan23: otr crap like that
Daonnan23: fuck them
PigPimp: haha
Daonnan23: they will be very agitated
Daonnan23: pagans are delicate
PigPimp: I say, get THOUSANDS of pigs
Daonnan23: well hundreds
PigPimp: and put them everywhere
Daonnan23: unless you want to be the super sekret pig man
PigPimp: you could buy 1000 for what ... 100 bucks?
PigPimp: math r hard
Daonnan23: you could get me pigs
PigPimp: hehe
Daonnan23: BUY ME PIGS!
PigPimp: when is the festival?
Daonnan23: tiny ones
Daonnan23: in the fall
PigPimp: oh I got your pigs baby
Daonnan23: Pigs are not drugs
PigPimp: lol
PigPimp: that should be lit
Daonnan23: The Pig is watching
Daonnan23: we are gonna leave the fliers on things with glue like the bob guys
Daonnan23: well you know the pigs are slack
Daonnan23: kk
PigPimp: where can you buy the pigs... I mean in bulk
Daonnan23: well let me find a source
Daonnan23: I shall put my pork into it
Daonnan23: and cut the fat
PigPimp: hehe
Daonnan23: it was alll my idea
PigPimp: find out, I can donate atleast 1k pigs
Daonnan23: Ginger and beth are gonna be my back on this
Daonnan23: its gotta be stealth
Daonnan23: but they will so know it is us
PigPimp: brb smoke
PigPimp: and I hate you for 10 mins cause you didnt' call me *pout*
Daonnan23: http://www.carolina.com/WebSphere/catindex/P2.asp
Daonnan23: half way down
Daonnan23: well Ginger distracted me
Daonnan23: she is bad like that
Daonnan23: did I say I am bald?
PigPimp: lol no
PigPimp: did you shave your head?
Daonnan23: very much so
PigPimp: damn space monkey
Daonnan23: yes I stopped the club
Daonnan23: hun i did it for 7 years
PigPimp: are these REAL PIGS?
Daonnan23: its fucky hot
Daonnan23: well the carolina ones are
Daonnan23: it is carolina biological
PigPimp: send me a link to the ones you are contemplating
PigPimp: the 10cent ones
Daonnan23: but please be careful
Daonnan23: the tiny pigs have tiny feelings
PigPimp: lol
Daonnan23: but there are thousands of them
PigPimp: I want to lick your bald head =)
PigPimp: pictures now pls k thx
Daonnan23: well I buy them at a metaphysical bookstore on Roswell Rd along with tiny satan ducks in bright colors
Daonnan23: tiny ducks
Daonnan23: not so small as the pigs
PigPimp: ya
Daonnan23: the head is good to lick
PigPimp: of course it is =)
Daonnan23: I dont have a picture yet
PigPimp: grrr
Daonnan23: Joe has several
PigPimp: ok I'll take pictures of your noggin
Daonnan23: send him weird emails demanding the head
PigPimp: you have to come over though for that
Daonnan23: hehe
Daonnan23: I got dumped
PigPimp: I have movies
Daonnan23: movies?
PigPimp: well then, you should come over and watch movies
PigPimp: shaving ryans privates
Daonnan23: in which pigs fly?
Daonnan23: dear god
PigPimp: piggy does alice
PigPimp: lol kidding
Daonnan23: you think you can lick my head and move right into porny goodness
PigPimp: bad santa and euro trip actually
PigPimp: I was being silly
Daonnan23: and when am I not?
PigPimp: ... and to retort ... I'm pretty good at head licking
PigPimp: ;-)
PigPimp: and no... not boys
PigPimp: sux that you got dumped
PigPimp: ... FOR HIM HAHAH
Daonnan23: well me and marcella worked him over hard
PigPimp: good
Daonnan23: he fucking said he was ashamed to introduce me to all his friends to her when he was drunk and angry
PigPimp: I hope she bit his pecker off
Daonnan23: she made him give her herb and then told him she would never pay for it
Daonnan23: at 9 in the morning
Daonnan23: made him drive over
Daonnan23: then said
Daonnan23: I heard you are ashamed of me
Daonnan23: he just looked away
Daonnan23: it was sad
PigPimp: slack
Daonnan23: she was all fired up in Satan it was funny
PigPimp: hehe
Daonnan23: she came up with the idea to have him come over and bring us stuff then get cussed out
PigPimp: you should play swg
Daonnan23: he still fucked me some
Daonnan23: haha
Daonnan23: and calls
PigPimp: lol
Daonnan23: but I am dumped
Daonnan23: fear the head

some more edited geek crap that ends with.....

Daonnan23: drown them in naked corpses
Daonnan23: http://www.mcphee.com/amusements/current/10978.html
Daonnan23: we shall need to be well armed for the revolution
PigPimp: I'm seriously having to restrain myself from buying htat lol
Daonnan23: I am going to get one for all of my coven
Daonnan23: you shall be HAILED like a Taxi for being the pig pimp
PigPimp: hehehe
Daonnan23: that can be you code name
PigPimp: sounds like a plan
Daonnan23: pinkpigpimp
Daonnan23: p3 for short
PigPimp: hehe
Daonnan23: man this is getting too cool for me
PigPimp: pork patrol
Daonnan23: and the aux service unit, Camel Toe Inspection no13
PigPimp: haha
Daonnan23: we shall leave no spandex cleavage unsited
PigPimp: Joe Camel Toe
Daonnan23: no ticket is too small to issue no lips too large to be inspected
Daonnan23: hard helmets are encouraged
Daonnan23: ok I am sorry I am a sick fuck
PigPimp: lol
Daonnan23: please lob a pig at me so that I might come to my senses
PigPimp: your appologizing to me for this?
PigPimp: haha
Daonnan23: no bragging
Daonnan23: http://www.mcphee.com/amusements/devilducks.html
PigPimp: ONE fucking bid ... well one guy bid on 2 items but I WANT MILLIONS!!
Daonnan23: the ducks own her john
PigPimp: hehe
Daonnan23: there are many nesting on the back of the commode
PigPimp: I'm going to jersey in 2 weeks
Daonnan23: they glare when you pee
Daonnan23: why??
PigPimp: till after the weekend
PigPimp: va-cation
PigPimp: goin to see a friendup there
PigPimp: gonna get drunk
PigPimp: go to the beach
Daonnan23: you should try to score a jersey girl
PigPimp: prolly go to tripps to buy some stupid clothes
Daonnan23: tag and capture from the wild
PigPimp: I'm going to see a jersey girl =)
Daonnan23: slut
PigPimp: who knows alot of other jersey girls
Daonnan23: shamless
PigPimp: not me ... I've been a good little boy
Daonnan23: !!
PigPimp: been keeping it in my pants till just the other night actually
PigPimp: and that was with the gal I've had a thing for ... for quite some time
PigPimp: haven't been on any dates or nothin for a while before that
PigPimp: was turning DOWN invitations
Daonnan23: I know
Daonnan23: you told me
PigPimp: michele is in jersey, she is a friend
PigPimp: its her bday
Daonnan23: I kept it in my pants all weekend despite the hounds baying at the door
Daonnan23: awsome
PigPimp: lol
Daonnan23: get drunk and have fun
PigPimp: I will
PigPimp: you kept what in your pants?
PigPimp: I can totally take that the other way =P
PigPimp: you kept who in your pants?
Daonnan23: well me in and they out
PigPimp: hehe
Daonnan23: it was funny I had to hold silver drool cups for a couple of them
Daonnan23: the head the head it mesmeries
Daonnan23: silly goth boys, tricks are for me
PigPimp: heh
Daonnan23: I am stalking the tiny pink pig online to no avail
Daonnan23: well if you decide you are not just with her ..I would not be adverse to hanging out
PigPimp: I'm getting absoloutly NO work done
Daonnan23: haha
Daonnan23: you wanted me to amuse you
Daonnan23: I am all skinny now
Daonnan23: and dress better
PigPimp: well I'll feed ya
Daonnan23: no no
PigPimp: good =)
PigPimp: you weren't fat
PigPimp: I'm not just with her yet
Daonnan23: keep me a lean mean pig powered machine
Daonnan23: I repect your shit
Daonnan23: I would just want to get all nasty
Daonnan23: I could not date my way out of a Holiday Inn Lounge right now
PigPimp: that is something that I'm holding off with her for a bit... want to observe how she treats me etc
PigPimp: LOL
Daonnan23: but I am insanely horny these days
PigPimp: if you want to come over and get all nasty... well I won't complain ;-)
Daonnan23: been doing all this chakra work
PigPimp: you actually SOUND like your doing a shitload better
PigPimp: you used to NEVER joke around with me
Daonnan23: um well
Daonnan23: I joined a cult and became a drug addict
Daonnan23: it did wonders for my self esteem
PigPimp: ... you were already a drug addict lol
Daonnan23: kidding about the addict part
PigPimp: me too
Daonnan23: and I was
Daonnan23: still am
PigPimp: I will say that you were a fucking mess
Daonnan23: I am just managing it much better
PigPimp: but I'm not about to start harping on ya
Daonnan23: I am much more fucked up these days though
PigPimp: haha
Daonnan23: and its none of you beeswax
PigPimp: nope
Daonnan23: you shall enjoy the benefits of my good mood
PigPimp: yay =)
Daonnan23: and not question where I get it from
PigPimp: well I'll be done here at 1230
PigPimp: to late for you?
Daonnan23: humm I might be asleep
Daonnan23: have not had much this weekend
PigPimp: you'll prolly be distracted somewhere else by then
Daonnan23: or stopped dead in my tracks
PigPimp: ya
Daonnan23: marcellaa wanted to do a tarot reading for Ginger and she willed me to pass out I swear it
Daonnan23: I went from overdrive to all but crawling under the kitchen table as I passed out
Daonnan23: in second
Daonnan23: I made it to the bed
PigPimp: hahaa
Daonnan23: I asked her to just tell me when she needs me to move
Daonnan23: those pesky satanist
PigPimp: lol
PigPimp: ya
Daonnan23: very sick
Daonnan23: gonna ask the store if they can just order more for me
Daonnan23: http://www.mcphee.com/lifestyle/current/11132.html the meat shower curtain....

Daonnan23: a must have
PigPimp: hahaha
Daonnan23: I need to troll interfilth.com
Daonnan23: I feel like I am gonna have some choice tidbits brewing
PigPimp: go for it
Daonnan23: Eris has inspired me
Daonnan23: why why why cant I find tiny pink pigs by the gross?
Daonnan23: BINGO

Daonnan23: http://www.mcphee.com/bigindex/current/09352.html
Daonnan23: the pigs are revealed
PigPimp: YASE
Daonnan23: haha I can find anything on the internet
Daonnan23: I am cackleing insanely at the moment
Daonnan23: less than 100 for a 1000
PigPimp: yup!
Daonnan23: I can help pay the pig
Daonnan23: not today though
Daonnan23: get me a hot job for a bald choxoR
PigPimp: I'll buy them when I get back from jersey
Daonnan23: chix
Daonnan23: you are a God among men
PigPimp: chi><0r
Daonnan23: OMG total poseur
PigPimp: ja
PigPimp: s1f
Daonnan23: I can kick your ass in EQ
Daonnan23: my cleric has 7k buffed
Daonnan23: we have 9k cleric in guild
PigPimp: don't make me log my jedi
PigPimp: SWG buffs > all lol
Daonnan23: will you show me your weapon ?
PigPimp: maybe
Daonnan23: I will show you mine
PigPimp: wewt
Daonnan23: I want pigs now
Daonnan23: /pout
PigPimp: I do too lol
Daonnan23: I think i have one in the bottom of my backpack
PigPimp: I'll buy them WHEN I GET BACK hehe
Daonnan23: I repoed it from marcella when she left it sitting sadly
Daonnan23: you should pig your office
PigPimp: oh I will
Daonnan23: I am going to pig city hall
Daonnan23: for ginger
Daonnan23: they tried to take her house
PigPimp: I'll pig YOUR hall
Daonnan23: Pigs in the Hall
Daonnan23: I am pinching thier tiny heads off with my fingers
PigPimp: NO
Daonnan23: yes yes yes
PigPimp: dont' kill teh piggeys
Daonnan23: thier headsd grow back
PigPimp: haha
Daonnan23: like in Men in Black
Daonnan23: SPACE PIGS

Daonnan23: Alien Pork
Daonnan23: Mystery Meat
PigPimp: space pork
PigPimp: http://makelove.ytmnd.com/
Daonnan23: you have to have very tiny fingers to behead 1/8 pigs
PigPimp: comedy gold
Daonnan23: you are gonna pollute my brain
PigPimp: haha
PigPimp: ya
Daonnan23: um do better
Daonnan23: not impressed
PigPimp: http://kerrylove.ytmnd.com/
Daonnan23: /tap tap tap
Daonnan23: BRAVO
Daonnan23: but I am so voting for the fasg
Daonnan23: fags
PigPimp: me too lol
Daonnan23: I am a fag hag
Daonnan23: no really not
PigPimp: http://christianmetal.ytmnd.com
PigPimp: best evar
Daonnan23: have you seen Dog island?
PigPimp: nope
Daonnan23: http://www.livejournal.com/users/daonnan/240613.html
PigPimp: http://boilemmashmem.ytmnd.com/
Daonnan23: do better!
Daonnan23: you slack loser
PigPimp: fu
Daonnan23: you wish
PigPimp: the best was christian metal
PigPimp: I got one for ya though *snicker*
Daonnan23: it needed more pope
Daonnan23: static pope =boring
Daonnan23: all pope all the time
PigPimp: http://watermelonsforhitler.ytmnd.com/
PigPimp: laugh
PigPimp: takes a sec to load
Daonnan23: IRORNY its whats for dinner
PigPimp: well I guess he hated that
Daonnan23: I cant spell
Daonnan23: no fucking shit

PigPimp: http://omgwtfjpop.ytmnd.co
PigPimp: how is your job thing?
PigPimp: man as soon as I thought of delievery... I got hungry
PigPimp: damn my stomach
Daonnan23: not enough
Daonnan23: I am starving in fact I have a burger upstairs
Daonnan23: AFK to eat be very jealous
Daonnan23: you can lick the meat juice from my pinky
PigPimp: I'll just order a burger from Burger Joe's *NEENER*
Daonnan23: k afk
Daonnan23: LICK
Daonnan23: slurp
Daonnan23: suck
Daonnan23: drool
PigPimp: you better come over tonite then lol
Daonnan23: bribe me
PigPimp: sex
PigPimp: backrub
PigPimp: maybe both ;-)
PigPimp: your already getting pigs
Daonnan23: /ponders
Daonnan23: PIGS

Daonnan23: man the pigs
Daonnan23: all hands aboard
PigPimp: hehe
PigPimp: I knew it
PigPimp: go eat
Daonnan23: leave no crevice left un inspected
Daonnan23: I need to stop
PigPimp: lol
PigPimp: yeah
PigPimp: you do
Daonnan23: I have been like this all weekend
Daonnan23: /afk
PigPimp: k
Daonnan23: I want to line up ALL of the pigs on a black board and take a low angle photo in honor of the Tiny Pig Army
Daonnan23: http://www.yourgoingtohell.com/
Daonnan23: I am on to you
PigPimp: lol
Daonnan23: how long would it take to line up 1k tiny pigs
Daonnan23: long enough to get drunk enough to never finish I suspect
PigPimp: pretty much
Daonnan23: infinite pigs
PigPimp: kinda like organizing a computer porn collection
PigPimp: you get distracted
Daonnan23: mmmm porn
Daonnan23: pig porn
Daonnan23: no no bad place
PigPimp: BAAAD place
Daonnan23: we dont enquire into the private life of the mini swine
PigPimp: I don't want to know what they do with their curly tails
Daonnan23: I have however seen fish porn
Daonnan23: I have a invisible prehinsile tail
PigPimp: lol
Daonnan23: I swear to god everytime my hands are full someone tries to hand me a third thing
PigPimp: which chemical are you on exactly?
Daonnan23: obviously they see a tail I dont
PigPimp: you do have a nice tail
Daonnan23: at the moment smoke and caffeine
PigPimp: lol
PigPimp: smoking more cigarrettes I take it?
Daonnan23: its funny I have taken to asking people excatly where they think my third hand is? on my prehensile tail
Daonnan23: no not really
Daonnan23: I smoke cigars some
PigPimp: WOOT my auction is picking up speed muahahaha
Daonnan23: its the mighty pig
PigPimp: ya
Daonnan23: it is on your side
Daonnan23: no really I was funny like this is high school
PigPimp: just had a guy bid 400k on 3 items
Daonnan23: sweet
PigPimp: which means someone will probably do buy out by tomorrow ... which is 2 mil each haha
PigPimp: woot and another min bid on one of my gay paintings
PigPimp: 250k
Daonnan23: does that mean is I buy SWG you will dress me in the finest twink gear and parade me around like a pet?
Daonnan23: if..
PigPimp: can do (there is a load of randomly edited geek shit removed)
PigPimp: twinking is easy
Daonnan23: hummm
PigPimp: you can /tip pet 50000 bank
PigPimp: you get it even if your not online
PigPimp: bank to bank transfer
Daonnan23: are there jedi?
Daonnan23: OMG
PigPimp: and jedi can't wear armor =)
Daonnan23: so I will be on the dark side?
Daonnan23: can I breath like darth vader?
PigPimp: as far as factions go, its either rebel, neutral, or imperial
Daonnan23: but you know be scantily clad other than the helmet
PigPimp: you can
Daonnan23: OMG I am so not that kinda freak
PigPimp: shoot
I edited out a bunch of geek crap....

Daonnan23: I like talking about sex better
PigPimp: lol
Daonnan23: !!
PigPimp: I like doing sex better
PigPimp: I'm at work, can't really get to horny here lol
Daonnan23: I am at home and bored
PigPimp: well I'll be off in ... 4.5 hours
PigPimp: you should pick me up from work =P
Daonnan23: I have to compose the missive to Ginger in regards to the arrival of the pig army
Daonnan23: and sleep
Daonnan23: honestly you dont want me to drive
Daonnan23: I have no money for gas
PigPimp: lol
PigPimp: its np
Daonnan23: not making excuses
PigPimp: I haev to work tomorrow anyhow
Daonnan23: I just had a very full weekend
PigPimp: off after that
Daonnan23: you need to come rub my head till I fall asleep
Daonnan23: obey the head
PigPimp: lol
PigPimp: no car
Daonnan23: teleport?
PigPimp: if you want your head pampered, you'll have to come to me
Daonnan23: trike?
Daonnan23: rascal?
PigPimp: lol
PigPimp: I ride a mighty weevil
Daonnan23: that sounds like a fiesty ride
PigPimp: Oi
Daonnan23: I like the E ticket rides myself
Daonnan23: best of all is to give others the E ride when they are expecting the A
PigPimp: what if they were looking for a V?
Daonnan23: then they have to leave the amusment park, such perversions are left to the pentacostal
PigPimp: lol
PigPimp: the A is definately a good ride
Daonnan23: no no thats the kiddie rides
Daonnan23: your flying teacups and Mr Toad
Daonnan23: o that is a good ride
Daonnan23: but
Daonnan23: I prefer to go fast
PigPimp: well if that is the case, I'd love to ride your flying teacups =)
PigPimp: *evil grin*
Daonnan23: humm
Daonnan23: we prefer that left to the professionals
PigPimp: lol
Daonnan23: I am not responsible for any damage that is incured during use
Daonnan23: especialy any mental abberations caused by the stress on a delicate system
PigPimp: haha
Daonnan23: and to think I started a paper on ethics Sunday
PigPimp: figures
Daonnan23: o yes
Daonnan23: kris pissed me off
PigPimp: that the x?
Daonnan23: yes

(edited because the man sucks, basicly he posed a question to my ethics while being guilty himself)

Daonnan23: !!
PigPimp: lol wtf
Daonnan23: OMFG
Daonnan23: the mod of fruits is deleteing my comments
PigPimp: lol
Daonnan23: they are gonna let her lie
Daonnan23: what childish girls
Daonnan23: its run by asian 17 year olds
PigPimp: yeah... like I said they should get a life
Daonnan23: it was the girl who posted deleting
Daonnan23: so lori made as new post
PigPimp: lol
Daonnan23: this is amusing
Daonnan23: I am so tawdry
Daonnan23: /yawn

this is Blue the other color ending the super sekret missive to the HP Ginger.... not your average witch, in not your average reality

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2013-02-17 06:13 am (UTC)
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