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Tiny Pink Pig Army of 144 Rightous Pigs

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after a bit [Nov. 29th, 2004|04:43 am]
Tiny Pink Pig Army of 144 Rightous Pigs


The Pigs saunter back into the frame wondering if they are in fact little tiny pink glamourbombs

on careful consideration they fear becoming explosive due to their natural output of fertilizer and demure any bomb status...

then again speaks up on raunchy little guy, we are an army right?

we can have a Glamour Bomb Squid and Demolitions Krew of Misconduct...

because Ducts and therefore all Pigs are black.

you can tape this one to the wall of Porky Shame because I caught ALL 144 army members painting their toe nails glitter pink when they heard they might in fact be glamorous.

whatever the Pigs are its not overly Silent